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How to get Involved
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How to Get Involved
get involved

The ExtremeEarth project aims to reflect the views and requirements of scientific, technological and service oriented communities that are included in the project for realizing a step-change enhancement of their capabilities in the future. The representation of these communities will be developed throughout the evolution of ExtremeEarth, from preparatory action to Flagship project, through endorsements, consultations and formal project partnership. The endorsement of the Flagship candidate project ExtremeEarth implies that the endorsing entity supports the scientific, technological and programmatic objectives of ExtremeEarth. This endorsement does not imply any legal or financial commitments towards the ExtremeEarth project. Support will imply that statements and logos of supporters may be shown on the ExtremeEarth website.

If you would like to get involved in the shaping of the future ExtremeEarth Flagship, please contact us via our contact form